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KS100 Series | ULTRA | SUPERCLEAR | Keder Fabric

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J-Bar Clearance

50% off = $15 each (No Limit!)

Moves structure components around easily & ergonomically

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We Heard A Rumor…

that not everyone knew we have this amazing & flexible product!

This flat piece of flexible PVC is sewn into the edge of your printed textile cloth & graphics, which allows your soft signage to lock into an aluminum frame. This system creates a tight, strong & sleek finished look. This versatile method enables you to switch out graphics repeatedly, without having to replace the frame. More cost effective than silicone, with minimal stretch. Material: PVC (silicone replacement). Sizes: 9, 12, or 14mm wide x 3mm high. Custom sizes available.





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A Variety of Fabrics that Cater to Multiple Industries

Keder Solutions has released an extensive and versatile line of Fabric, designed to answer all their clients’ project needs. Keder Solutions is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based manufacturer that was established in 2009 with the intent of selling one thing: Keder. Now it has become an industry leader not just for Keder, but for Vinyl & PVC Fabrics, PVC Cording, Extrusion, and Converting Services. Keder Solutions, just like their Fabric line, is consistently adapting to the needs of their clients and they’re doing it while ensuring customer service is always at the forefront.

– Keith Eismann, Vice President of Keder Solutions says “these new lines of fabric range from affordable semi-permanent solutions to long-term resilience”.

The first fabric line Keders Solutions released is called KS1000 Series, it’s a cost-effective workhouse with its laminated vinyl fabric that’s extremely flexible and a versatile choice for all types of projects. KS1000 consists of two types of fabric. The 1st option is called KS1400, it’s a translucent fabric and weighs 14 ounces. The 2nd option it has is called KS1600, it’s a blockout fabric that weighs 16 ounces. This line comes with different options and different affordable pricing, giving consumers maximum versatility for any projects they’re doing.

Ultra is the beauty queen and quarterback rolled into one. This coated vinyl fabric is lacquered on both sides with a high gloss finish, making this product nice to look at and easy to clean. Very durable and enduring, this quality gives maximum ROI. Available in translucent and blockout options and in weights from 19 to 43 ounces.

SuperClear is a crystal clear vinyl solution that is formulated for low shrinkage, as well as treated for anti-static and mildew resistance. This is great for companies that focus on tenting and structure and wants a provider that can cater to numerous types of industries. Available in 16 and 20 gauge.

Keder Fabric is great for any companies repair needs. This fabric is double-sided, with polyester woven on one side, which enables the fabric to glide through Keder Rail with ease and vinyl on the opposite for welding or sewing applications. Keder Fabric be slit at any width & length for specialized projects

Keder Solution’s Converting Service ensure that their clients textile & fabric slitting & re-rolling needs are met. Keder offers fast turn-around- If anyone has material on a roll, their fabric slitting and re-rolling systems can process it.

These fabrics and services are a sentiment to how Keder Solutions is always building towards durable, versatile and polished fabrics that suit their client’s needs and make their projects better.

Keder Solutions is the company to call when anyone wants products that can withstand the test of time and provides them with the structure they need. Ninety-nine percent of all Keder Solutions fabrics are shipped the same day and internationally.

View full fabric & vinyl product lines by clicking here.