Keder – also known as “kador”, “ketter”, “sail rope”, “kedder”, “edge reinforcement”, “”hem rope”, “keter” and “welting”. We use the term “Keder” because it is the most commonly used, and most recognized in the industry. – is a water-resistant material that connects fabric to structures, creating water-tight seals used in a variety of industries.  

Common in everything from large outdoor event tents & structures to marine enclosures, Keder Solutions‘ ability to conveniently provide versatile sheltering is affordable, customizable, and easy to use.

What types of Keder exist?

Keder Solutions manufactures 4 different types of Keder material: Single Flap, Welded Flap, Double Flap and Repair Keder.

While completely versatile – fulfilling a variety of needs and demands – each has specific properties that assist in providing the most secure, waterproof, resolutions. 

Single Flap Keder 

Single Flap Keder is called so because it features one side bonded with polyester while the other is coated in smooth, vinyl-covered PVC.  

This Keder can be sewn into materials or heat welded, able to perform in a variety of ways by several industries.  

Single Flap Keder is used in Tents & Structures, Awnings, Marine creating weatherproof soft-signage and banners for businesses or events.

Welded Flap Keder

As the name might suggest, Welded Flap Keder is heat-bonded with polyester on both sides of the flap.  

The only way to attach Welded Keder to fabric is by sewing – making it perfect material for DIY projects or businesses without access to commercial welding or high radio frequency machines.

You can find Welded Flap Keder being used in the awning & the marine industry to create water-proof enclosures on boats.

Double Flap Keder

Double Flap Keder is coated in smooth, vinyl-covered PVC on both sides, opening up in a manner that allows this type of keder to “sandwich” your fabric.

Able to attach to fabric by sewing or hi frequency welding, Double Keder Flap is the only keder that looks the same on both sides of the connection.

Double Flap Keder is extremely versatile and used in many industries including; Awning, Soft-Signage & Banner, Tenting & Structure

Let Keder Solutions find a Custom Solution for You

Proudly made in the USA, Keder Solutions is the only Keder manufacturer in America, shipping anywhere in the country, as well as world-wide.   We stock a wide variety of sizes 3mm to 15mm keder and can also manufacture any custom request, as well as Berry Amendment options.

If you are looking for a water-resistant textile connection, contact Keder Solutions for the highest quality product with lightning-fast fulfillment.

For our friends in the tenting & structure, tarp, awning, sign & banner industries..the solution is here and it is: CRYSTAL CLEAR VINYL!

You better hurry though–because this vinyl will go faster than a rocket full of monkeys! (That’s super, duper fast in case you didn’t know!)

  • Formulated for unparalleled Low Shrinkage (1.5% on average)
  • Treated for Anti-Static & Mildew Resistance.
  • A triple threat, designed to maintain the highest yield for your projects. F/R Treatment: California Fire Marshal, NFPA 701.

Our shelves are stocked, ready and Keder Solutions experts are on patiently on standby. Call or start shopping today. Contact a specialist for smaller & bulk quantity pricing.

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This Offer Is Cooked When The Turkey Hits The Table!

November 22nd, 2018

(Gobble Gobble)

Keder Solutions is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Keder Solutions’s Vinyl Product Family, the KS1600™. That’s right….KS1600™ is in the house! What is so unique about the KS1600™?

We are so happy you asked.

For starters, KS1600™ has a gloss finish on both sides which helps you keep your Keder events and projects looking glamorous and free from dirt and grime buildup which save you on cleaning costs. The best part? The KS1600™ is printable allowing you to dominate the spotlight with your branded projects. Check out the KS1600™ specs below and see how it can be used for your ‘Keder Beautiful’: awning, sign and banner, tarp and tenting and structure projects!

KS1600™ Product Description

Laminate Vinyl: Blockout, 16 oz., 100 Yard Roll, F/R Treatment (NFPA, California Fire Marshal). UV, Anti-Mildew Treatment.

Industries commonly used:

Tenting & Structure, Tarp, Awning, Sign & Banner


61”  Wide



Spec Sheet Coming Soon

With the support from our Keder Solutions’ Experts you can bring your ‘Keder Beauty’ to the next level! From awning, sign and banners, to tarp, tenting and structure projects there is no project too big or too small for Keder Solutions. Chat with our experts today to learn more and start letting that Keder Beauty shine through!