A common challenge contractors and manufacturers encounter when using keder and rail is when fabric snags on an in-rail screw. It slows you down, causes headaches, and in a worst-case scenario, you may have to replace your keder or rail. That’s why we developed our newest product, Flat-Back™ Keder.

Our new take on the classic Keder features a shield-shaped, PVC core that allows for more room between the keder and rail. It is effortless to install and can fit into even the snuggest of tracks. By design, it is significantly less prone to snagging or ripping when sliding through a rail with in-rail screws.

This alternate Keder design also features our DuraKeder™ fully-bonding process, making Flat-Back Keder one of our toughest products. DuraKeder™ bonds every edge of our Keder’s PVC core with the fabric, ensuring the fabric will hold to the keder even when cut or torn. And when you customize your keder with our water resistant fabric, Flat-Back Keder becomes even more resistant. It is an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Stocking up on Flat-Back Keder can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. Instead of carrying multiple sizes of keder to remedy imperfections in your rail’s installation, save time and resources with one size of Flat-Back Keder that is designed to navigate those snags for a smooth connection.

To learn more about this new product and how you can use it in your builds, call a sales representative today at (414) 744-6000.

When met with a porch project and a PPE request, Jared G., Vice President of a custom-shade company, knew exactly where to turn for the perfect materials.

An East Coast-based producer of commodity products such as window shades, venetian blinds and other interior-blind and shade designs first found Keder Solutions when their client mentioned using keder on a project. Unsure of what keder even was, Jared set out to find it. After a bit of research, he came across our website and was enamored with our products –– specifically, our fabric options.

“I noticed that Keder Solutions sold fabric, and kept it in mind for a future project. When we began producing exterior motorized shades, I knew who to call. I created an account and began purchasing fabric.”

One fabric in particular has been highly used in this company’s projects: Keder Solutions SUPERCLEAR 3000. This 30-gauge, transparent PVC vinyl offers lasting wear from outdoor elements, including ultraviolet and mildew resistance. Its applications are ideal for doorways, windows, structural builds and marine applications, which is why the company found it to be perfect for their needs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic waged on, two things happened: more people had time to focus on home projects, and schools that wished to return to in-person classes needed PPE solutions for their students and staff. Luckily, this custom shade company knew what material could tackle both challenges.

First, the company used SUPERCLEAR™ 3000 to create their enclosed porch system. To turn a screened-in porch into an enclosed porch instantly, Jared worked with a local window company to create an exterior motorized shade that rolls out and retracts to reveal the screen. But, instead of using a shade, our SUPERCLEAR™ fabric allows for a beautiful view from the porch.

Next, when local schools were looking for a way to create COVID-safe retractable barriers for their school buses and classrooms, Jared knew where to source high-quality, clear vinyl: Keder Solutions. The company developed these clear barriers as a solution to keeping bus drivers safe while students can still socialize safely with their bus mates.

Overall, the custom shade company has been elated with their SUPERCLEAR™ 3000 purchases in the two years they’ve been working with Keder Solutions. Its applications have been perfect for their clients’ needs, and Jared always knows where to turn for the highest quality fabric and vinyl for his upcoming projects.


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You asked for it, and we made it happen. We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the Hang-Tite Hanger™ family!

This updated hanger design is fully compatible with metal grommets, which allow you to hang your fabric from the grommet instead of directly attaching it to your fabric. Our original design––which is still available here––hangs grommet-free by punching a hole through your fabric and attaching the Hang-Tite Hanger to the pre-made hole.

Find out which Hang-Tite design is right for your project today. Call your sales representative or explore our website here to learn more and place your order today.

Warmer months, longer days and summertime socializing are ahead—that means it’s time to prepare for event season. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale professional event, having the right building materials for your venue’s structure and signage is crucial. Keder Solutions is here with everything you need to put together the right structure for your event.

The foundation of any event structure or soft signage is keder and keder rail. Keder Rail is used to build the skeleton of your structure, creating vinyl connection points for the roof and siding, or it can be the framework for your soft signage or banners you’ll hang at the function. Keder –– double or single flap –– is adhered to our vinyl and secured within our keder rail to create a taut vinyl look.

Speaking of vinyl and fabric, our selection is ideal for signage printing and for tent roofs and sidewalls. Whether you need SUPERCLEAR™ vinyl for transparent windows or our variety of colors in the KS1400™ fabric, your structure can be built to whatever specifications you need.

Finally, outfit your event structure and signage with the proper accessories. Our Hang-Tite™ Hangers offer an easy, no-sew way to hang your signage or structure sidewalls. For a hanger that is compatible with keder rail, consider our selection of Crocodile Hangers™ that screw into fabric and slide into a keder track. 

Keder Solutions is excited to be a part of your events this summer and we want you to be ready with all the materials you’ll need. Place your order for any of the products mentioned in this blog by contacting your sales representative or reaching us at 1 (888) 727-7050 today.

Keder has rolled out a new variety of color options for our line of KS1400™ vinyl. This fabric is now available in five colors and is the first of our product lines to offer more than two colors, making it more versatile than ever.

“The [KS1400™ vinyl] is amazing. We love the way it welds and how strong and durable it is. Excited to see the colors – thanks for everything!”

These new colors were inspired by a custom order from a client in Oklahoma. Working directly with the client, we selected the hues and tones for their order of KS1400™ vinyl, which resulted in our new vibrant color selections: red, yellow, green and blue. Though this was a specific request, we work with all our clients to create the exact fabrics and color varieties needed. 

After building their first tent with the new fabric, the client shared, “The KS1400™ vinyl is amazing. We love the way it welds and how strong and durable it is.”

KS1400™ is laminated and translucent, keeping it light and easy to handle, but durable enough to last years. This client used their vinyl for tenting, but our fabric is compatible with a variety of projects, like pool covers, tarps, marine projects, and more. 

Our KS1400™ line, along with a wide selection of other fabrics, are available for purchase at any time. Any color can be made custom to your needs and we offer color matching for our other product lines to meet you or your clients’ needs.

To find size, price, color selection and other specs, visit our website. For custom orders or other questions, please call (888) 727-7050.

Sailors and their ships must be equipped to stand their ground in the water. Keder Solutions offers versatile, water-repellent rails, fabrics and other durable products for seamless marine applications. There are many track materials that can be used, including PVC, aluminum and stainless steel. Here, we’ll focus on the most common choice: PVC rails.

PVC is lightweight, durable and well-suited for water applications and marine equipment. Its low weight makes it good for fuel efficiency, speed, and the ability to withstand harsh chemicals, corrosive salt water and harmful UV rays. It is inexpensive and readily available, making it a preferred choice over metal tracks.

Our PVC rails are the perfect solution for creating a weather-tight seal between multiple pieces of fabric and different types of materials. We offer single, double or our brand-new triple rail to create the frame or track you need. Our PVC rail can also be heated to fit bends and turns.

Finally, we offer a variety of custom lengths and colors to personalize your PVC product. Shop our full range of PVC rail here or contact a sales representative today to place your customized order and be ready for summer.